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Trafic Safety Grant
Safety Tips

Jeremy Chambers





Police Department




As the holiday season approaches I would like to extend my wishes to everyone for a happy and safe holiday season.

During the holidays we all become involved in our daily activities and shopping but there are a few safety issues we should address to ensure a safe shopping season:

  1. Be aware of your surroundings and watch your children closely.
  2. Try to park in a well lit area.
  3. DO NOT leave packages or valuables visible in your vehicle.Put all valuables in trunk and be sure no one is watching as you do this.
  4. All female shoppers should consider shopping WITHOUT a purse or handbag. Place all credit cards, debit cards and cash in your pockets if possible.  Leave your purse at home or lock it in your trunk at home,  so a potential thief doesn’t see you lock it in your trunk at the shopping mall or store.
  5. Shopping with a friend or relative is the safest way to shop.

If you are uncomfortable walking to your vehicle ask a store employee or store security to escort you or watch you enter your vehicle safely.

During the holiday season we will be providing extra security in and around shopping areas.

If we follow these few safety tips we can all have a safe holiday shopping season.

Once again have a wonderful holiday season!




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